Public Art


Grounded, Ungrounded I & II, Lynnwood Bridge, Pretoria (2011)

Grounded, Ungrounded I & II, Lynnwood Bridge, Pretoria (2011)

Medium: Cast bronze | Photos by Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlua

Grounded, ungrounded I shows a female on a donkey, which stands on a square frame. The rider holds another square frame and a rough rammed earth compound has been used to create the illusion of a box within this frame. The rest of the sculpture has been created using a smoother material. This contrast in material textures stands for the idea: of a coarse, yet contained inner self underlying a refined exterior.

Grounded, ungrounded II shows a sitting donkey.  The area inside the box is similar to the previous works outside the box texture/medium, but here everything that is outside the box is totally refined and sculpted to fine detail.

Both works may be considered anti-monuments when compared to the traditional statue of the ‘male hero on the horse’, which carries unconscious associations for the viewer of being intimidated by a cavalry of soldiers and horses. The direct and literal opposition in subject matter of the donkeys with their female rider to the conventional statue of the hero works against the typical propaganda inherent in most public sculpture.  The removal of any sense of dominance refers also to the sense of elitism in today’s art world. By using rammed earth – the literal ground - as a medium, a visual conflict to the floating cerebral world of some art theory has been created.

Designed by Studio Nexdoor| © 2011 Angus Taylor